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Below is listed the grooming services we offer. If you aren't seeing what you need, please feel free to contact us and we might be able to arrange something or point you in the right direction. 
Late cancellations and no show appointments are subject to a fee. 

All prices are starting prices, coat condition, behavior, type of cut, and length of coat effect final price.

Full Grooming - Cut & Style    Tiny- $48.00  Sm- $51.00  Med- $60.00  Midsize- $70.00 Large- $80.00   xL- $90.00       

Doodle / Poodle Full Groom - Sm- $51.00  Med- $60.00  Midsize- $70.00 Large- $90.00   xL- $100.00

Your choice of hair cut and style, full service bath, customized shampoo & conditioner, bushing/blowout, sani-trim, ear plucking/cleaning, gland expression, nail trim, paw pads, foot trim, scented spritz.


De-Shed Full Groom    Sm- $48.00   Med- $58.00  Large- $80.00   xL- $90.00  + $10.00 for long hair + $10.00 for double coat

A process to rid your pup of extra and loose shedding fur. includes a full service bath, de-shedding shampoo & conditioner, bushing/blowout, sani-trim, ear plucking/cleaning, gland expression, nail trim, paw pads, foot trim, scented spritz.


Bath & Tidy  Starting Prices  sm- $40.00  med- $50.00   large- $68.00   xl- $78.00

If your dog just needs a bath and face, feet, and fanny trim, also great for puppies first groom.


Basic Groom   Starting Prices  sm- $30.00  med- $35.00  large- $40  xl- $45.00

Needing just a bath for your pup? No problem. A basic wash includes
a bath with professional quality shampoo and conditioner, a simple brush out, blow dry, and nail trim.

Deluxe Upgrade any groom for only $10.00 - Keratin conditioning treatment, specialized shampoo, blueberry facial, Argan oil spritz, and teeth brushing


Self - Wash  $12.00 - $15.00  No Appointment Needed

Why make a mess at home when there's a better option? We provide facilities designed for dogs, professional grade shampoo and a variety of brushes for any hair type! There is a grooming table and blow dryer available for every self wash customer! We also provide nail trimmers, ear cleaners, aprons and towels! Things may get hairy, but that's when the fun starts!

Walk-in Service


Please be considerate and pick up within 30 minutes of notification of your dog being finished unless previous arrangements are made




( All add ons are in addition to your pet's grooming or bath price)

Creative Grooming - Add a touch of color to your dogs groom!

$15 - $150.00

Spa Package - Can be added to any grooming. Your pup will be pampered with a mud bath and therapeutic massage for stress and pain relief, specialty shampoo and conditioner, facial and paw treatment:

Sm - $20.00 Med - $25.00 Lg/XL - $30



Mud Bath Skin Restore - A soothing, natural, and organic treatment that exfoliates,

deep conditions, and rejuvenates coat and skin, helps with dry flakey skin and hot spots.

Healthy skin sheds less! Really helps older arthritic dogs feel better:

Short Hair: Sm - $10 Med - $15 Lg/XL - $20

Long Hair: Sm - $15 Med - $20 Lg/XL - $25



Blueberry Facial - An all natural, tear free treatment that helps to remove tear stains, food stains, odor and it helps to keep your pup's face smelling amazing for days:



Shampoo Upgrade - $4.00

Nail Trim - $12.00

Ear Cleaning - $5.00 With Plucking - $10.00

Teeth Brushing - Helps remove some plaque and freshens breath $7.00

De-skunking - $15 and up + Bath

Flea Bath - $15 and up Kills fleas that are on your dog, has no residual effect. A flea bath will be added at groomers discretion if fleas are found you may also be charged a flea cleanup fee

De-matting - $10 per 15 minutes

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