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Our dog resort features ten suites. During your dogs stay, they will enjoy their own

room along with a nice cot and blanket to make them feel right at home.

We have three sizes of rooms so if you have two dogs at home who would enjoy

sharing a room, our suites are big enough for that as well!


We have inside and outside play areas for your furry friend to enjoy.  Of course, no stay

is complete without lots of TLC. If your dog gets along with other dogs he/she will

have group play time, make some new friends and have a lot of fun playing with our

other guests.  We do offer weekend and holiday drop-off / pick-up at designated times.


Reservations and Cancellations 

Reservations are required for all stays. A 35% nonrefundable deposit is required for reservations.

Your reservation will not be held more than 48 hours without deposit. Cancellations made

less than 7 days prior to reservation are subject to original booking fees. Booking changes

made less than 7 days prior to reservation will be charged the original boarding fee. Holiday

bookings including 7 days prior and 7 days following the holiday are a 3 day minimum charge and

require a deposit.  Payment - All charges must be paid in full upon check-out of your dog(s).  

Check out after 11:00 a.m. is considered a full day charge.

Room Service

We offer several options you can order to help make your pups stay even better!

Stuffed Kong - $3.50                           Bakery Treat - $3.50                            

 7" Jerky Chew - $3.50                        Holiday Dinner - $8.00                       

Birthday Party - $20.00

All of our treats are handmade with dog safe ingredients!

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