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Doggie Daycare is a fun and active way to promote your dog’s health, socialization, and well-being!

Our enrichment daycare includes fun interactive games, some obedience training, and free-style play with rest times. This gives your pup, a more well-rounded experience. They get to run and play monitored by a trained staff member to ensure safe and enjoyable playtimes for everyone.

$25 a day


Daycare Features

   - Indoor and outdoor play areas

   - Brain games for enrichment

   - Play equipment for different levels of play

   - Obedience training

Important Daycare Details


     - All dogs must play well with other dogs and             pass an evaluation test

     - Daycare is unavailable for intact (unaltered)

       male dogs over the age of 9 months

     - All Dogs must have current up-to-date

       vaccinations against Rabies, Distemper, and 


     - While we do our very best to accommodate all

       breeds, sizes, and types of play style, Doggie

       Daycare services are limited availability

       and may be reduced in time, rescheduled, or

       cut to ensure the highest quality of safety and


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